Ginevra – Les Romantique

Ginevra Collection Les Romantique


Les Romantique – Night area

Quality of life is directly proportionate to the ability to keep dreams alive, to do what makes you happy and to indulge inspirations. Basically, what is romance if not aspiring to a daily life full of emotion, elegance and shivers down the spine. This is the crux of the Ginevra rooms: a concentration of beauty, classicism and finesse to welcome in the romance deep within many of us.

Expressions of grace

Achieving the right balance between comfort and harmony, between functionality and elegance is the mission of the project underlying the entire collection.
On the outside, the smaller details are selected and crafted with care, made by skilled, loving hands. On the inside, space and rationality show contemporary flair. Appearance and substance in a union of confident seduction.


Les Romantique – Day area

All the magnificence that transforms the rooms of the Ginevra collection into cradles for romantic relaxation and dreamy sleep; this becomes the reason for creating living rooms of evanescent gentleness. The bright colours bring lightness and lustre, the gracious decorations on a distressed base offer prestige and nobility, the calm of the ivory and gold caress the eye and the mood.

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