Ginevra – Les Précieux

Ginevra Collection Les Précieux


Les Précieux – Night area

Can something precious become even more valued? Can a dream solution become even more dreamy? Yes it can. The Ginevra collection has done exactly that. Every item and every piece in the collection is embellished by the splendid brilliance of crystal. No expense has been spared in the number of Swarovski crystals. Romance makes a quantum leap towards true luxury.

Vibrant light

Nothing has been chosen at random. Each crystal is positioned ideally to appreciate and be appreciated. Placed on the top in a play with the décor. Placed on the upright to extol its profile. Swarovski crystals, distributed generously among the decorations from top to bottom, make up for the lack of a mirror, only amplifying the magnificence. You may need to search out some of them, but this heightens the pleasure.


Les Précieux – Day area

The same is true for the most luxurious incarnation of the Ginevra collection in furnishings for the bedroom. All the pieces, each in its own way and each with its own specific function, make up the spirit of the overall solution, centred around embellishment with crystals. Beauty is displayed in all its glory. It is never overdone but is always on show and highly enjoyable.

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